Scanning Trouble - all proxy servers tested as dead

 Since 2nd March 2015 many of the installed Proxy Switcher copies almost completely stopped finding new servers. Issue is that primary test target ( seems to have blacklisted nearly all the proxy servers. Which in turn has made all of them show up as "Dead".

Current state:

  • Versions 5.12.1 or neweer will work fine.
  • Versions 5.9.1 and newer will display warning notices and urge to update.

How to Fix/What to do:

Two alternatives:
  1. Easy - Install latest version and the problem will go away.
  2. In relatively new versions you can go to View->Configure Test Targets... go in there and disable following targets:


  • Version 5.13.0 will feature fully updated test target selection which should improve testing a whole lot.
  • Addition of high performance test target(s) on separate domain(s) under my control.
  • Building test target update system into future versions of the software.